Unlovable Reflections: 31 Days of Affirmations to Attract More Love Into Your Life - Ebook


Unlovable Reflections: 31 Days of Affirmations to Attract More Love Into Your Life - Ebook

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Are you tired of waiting for your love life to change?

Love is the greatest power you possess. That's why each day you wake up to opposition against self-love. You can win the battle for your peace, gain victory over depression, and achieve your quest for fulfillment. Take back your power. Fall in love with your life by speaking love into your life. 

Find out how to take control and full responsibility of your love life, and how a couple of small words every day can change everything. In this simple, fast-paced book you will speak power into your life through love. These affirmations will help PathFinders reflect on being a creation of love made with beauty and excellence.

It's based on the psychology of positive reinforcement and contains the best affirmations to quickly create momentum towards a loving and love-filled life. 

Thirty-one days can really make a difference. When you speak differently, you will see differently and attract new things into your life. If you do things consistently you'll develop new habits! Take back your power. Attract the love you deserve today.

Discover your enormous potential to love and...

  • Stop making excuses and embrace the love around you now  
  • Stop waiting for love to discover you and become the love you seek
  • Stop suffering and start attracting love
  • Improve your self-love
  • Improve your relationships with your spouse, your colleagues, your boss!
  • Become happier and more successful in life and love

How much longer will you wait for your circumstances to change magically? 

How much longer will you ignore your power and potential to love and be loved?

You can really make your dreams come true - but you have to speak it to live it. 

Your time of love is NOW!

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