How to Heal a Hoe - Ebook


How to Heal a Hoe - Ebook

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A Loving Self-Healing Approach to Sexual Stigma, Shame and Trauma

Today, becoming a hoe is easy. Despite sharing sex with strangers, lovers, and partners, many of us feel uncomfortable discussing it. Byron Jamal, the former pastor turned "Love Guru," recognized how his lackadaisical attitude towards sexual relationships harmed the people around him, as well as himself. After another failed relationship, he decided to abandon conventional views on sex and sexuality and began coaching men and women of all sexual orientations on how to use spiritual principles with practical everyday techniques to overcome their perceived "hoeness." 

How to Heal a Hoe is a book that teaches a “hoe” how to heal from past traumas, overcome limiting sexual stigmas, and love themselves the way they deserve. In the book, Byron Jamal uses personal stories from his clients, biblical stories, and his own life to normalize sexual experiences and remind readers that they are not alone. It's time to put an end to sexual shame and connect with the entire human race that experiences sex in some form or another. 

You will learn how to identify your sexual vulnerabilities and pain points so that you can accept yourself as you are. It also provides a way to face your sexual past so that you can gain confidence and begin a new, healthy sexual love journey. This is a one-of-a-kind book that will change your relationship with sex forever.

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